Chocolate Chip Cookies – Week 1

Chocolate Chip Cookies.  I don’t think there is any cookie more well-known or loved.  There are so many variations to this classic cookie.  Personally, I grew up as a Nestle Tollhouse girl, but I am definitely a fan of this recipe too.


There were three options offered on this recipe – original, thin and crispy, or soft and cakelike.  I opted for the original this time, but I think I will definitely revisit the other options later.  I learned that for thin and crispy cookies you will want to use butter instead of shortening and more granulated than brown sugar.  For soft and cakelike cookies you will opt for shortening instead of butter and more brown sugar than granulated.  I’m not sure on the exact science behind how these combinations work, but they do!  The original option turned out to be a happy medium between the two.


The recipe was straight forward and easy to follow.  Thankfully I don’t have any mishaps to share this time around!


I know they always say not to eat raw cookie dough… but I do it anyway.  This was pretty tasty, but surprisingly not as sweet as the Nestle recipe I am used to.


After everything was mixed up, all I had to do was spoon it onto a cookie sheet, and pop it the oven for about 10 minutes.


They came out great!  They were slightly golden just like they should be.  I normally favor the “thin and crispy” cookie, but it was neat to see how using half shortening and half butter for the “fat” in the recipe helped these cookie hold some of their shape.


Overall, I would say week one was a success!  [Especially since all of these cookies are already gone.]


Next up, I will be trying something out of the “Bars and Brownies” section of the cookbook.  It’s looking we might have some tasty brownies to devour soon.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and I hope you all have a wonderful week!



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