Fudgy Saucepan Brownies – Week 2

The name for this recipe was spot-on – FUDGY Saucepan Brownies.  They were surprisingly quick and simple to make, and they turned out great!  These brownies are mixed up right on the stovetop, and it was a cinch to clean up afterwards.  The only prep work involved was cutting up the unsweetened chocolate and the pecans.  Quick and easy!


After cutting up the chocolate, I tossed it in the pan to melt with some butter.  Stirring over low heat for a little while, everything smoothed out into nice shiny chocolate.


Next, I added the sugar, followed by the eggs, vanilla, and flour mixture.  The recipe only called for  2/3 cup of flour.  When I first read through the recipe, I was surprised by such a small amount, but it definitely helped give the brownies that fudgy texture.


Once everything was mixed together, I added in some pecans.  They were optional in the recipe, but I’m really glad I chose to use them.  The crunch in the brownies added a nice extra touch.


Then, just pour everything into the pan and bake!  I learned something new this week on how to line your pan with aluminum foil.  I am probably kind of late in the game on figuring this out, but oh well!  Here it is: flip your pan upside down and fit the aluminum foil around the outside; when you turn the pan over, the foil it will fit right in.  I usually end up tearing the foil in a few places while lining the pans, so I found it to be helpful!


Ok, back to the brownies.  Once they came out of the oven, I let them cool while mixing up some icing.  Yep, Chocolate-Cream Cheese Frosting.  Better Homes and Gardens, you knew what you were doing with this one.  There are only three ingredients – chocolate chips, cream cheese, and powdered sugar – leaving hardly any room for error.


Melt the chocolate; mix in cream cheese; mix in powdered sugar.  I really enjoyed how simple this whole recipe was.


Once the brownies cooled, I added on the icing.  Ta-da!


Look at that fudgy center!  These were really good.  I’ve only been through two recipes in the cookbook so far, but I would already recommend you check it out.  Hopefully everything continues to go smoothly as I get into some of the more difficult recipes in coming weeks.  It is looking like cake will be on the menu for week 3!



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4 thoughts on “Fudgy Saucepan Brownies – Week 2

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