Snickerdoodles – Week 4

I mentioned in my last post that carrot cake was up next, but the birthday boy asked for cookies.  I can’t say no to that during birthday week!  So, we decided to try out some snickerdoodles.  Don’t worry though, carrot cake is on its way to the blog next!


This was my first go round with making snickerdoodles.  They were really easy to make and pretty tasty, but I don’t think they have quite made it to the top of my favorite cookies list.  (To be my favorite, there most likely needs to be chocolate involved. 🙂 )


Like so many delicious things, these cookies started off with butter.  Once the butter was beaten until creamy, I added in the baking soda, cream of tartar, salt, and sugar.


Next, the eggs needed to be mixed in and finally the flour.  Now it was time to send the dough off to the fridge for an hour or so to chill.


When the dough was chilled, I needed to roll it into balls and coat it with cinnamon and sugar!  Each one was supposed to be about 1 1/4″.  Close enough, right?


Fun fact – if you wanted to, you could use this same dough for sugar cookies instead of rolling it in cinnamon sugar.


Time to bake!


Right out of the oven!


After the cookies cooled off, they ended up sinking down a little bit and weren’t quite as fluffy as I had hoped.  But, overall I would say this recipe was a success!


Thanks so much for coming by, and be sure to come back later this week to see how the carrot cake came out!


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