Banana Bread – Week 9

Banana bread is an old classic.  It is flavorful, filling, and the perfect grab-and-go breakfast.  Another plus – its very easy to make.  In fact, since I now know just how easy it is to make a quick loaf of banana bread, it may pop up around our house more often.

I have always been a fan of bananas.  My usual breakfast is oatmeal with some type of fruit – most often a banana.  But, I am pretty picky about which bananas I will eat.  I know it sounds silly, but if they are brown and mushy, I usually won’t touch it.  I would much rather eat a not-quite-ripe banana.  So, when my bananas get too ripe, banana bread is the perfect solution!


Now, let me tell you just how easy this recipe is.  First, I combined all of the dry ingredients, except for the sugar, in a mixing bowl.


Next, I mashed the bananas in a separate bowl and stirred in the sugar, eggs, and oil.


Lastly, I mixed together the wet and dry ingredients until just combined.  Over mixing will hinder the bread from rising properly while baking.

Wha-la!  That’s it!  Now, all that is left to do is pour the batter in the pan and bake.

(This batter sure doesn’t look appealing, but wait until you see the bread!)


The bread needed to bake for just under an hour, and by the time it came out of the oven the kitchen smelled SO delicious.


Look how pretty!


My husband, Brian, is not a fan of bananas, but to my surprise he agreed to try this bread.  He has had banana bread once before and preferred it fresh out of the oven, so we cut into the loaf while it was still warm.  It was delicious, and I am happy to say that Brian is definitely a fan now!


This recipe called for 1/4 cup of chopped walnuts, but I had pecans on hand and decided to use them instead.  I threw in some extra pecans for fun, but next time I think I will up the amount to 1/2 cup and see how it comes out.


I just couldn’t resist another small taste while I was taking pictures… 🙂


This bread was so yummy!  My favorite part of the bread is the very top crust.  I’m not sure what makes it so special, but it is almost as if all the flavor gathers there and just has a little party.  Mmm.

Thanks for stopping by and happy baking to you all!

Also, be sure to stop by Angie’s blog over at The Novice Gardener to check out all of the goodies at Fiesta Friday #24!


20 thoughts on “Banana Bread – Week 9

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  2. Hi there, I am one of the co-hosts this week for Fiesta Friday – and you are just so welcome with that gorgeous loaf of banana bread! I let my bananas go quite brown on the outside before making banana bread with them or use them in smoothies too. On another note, I have noticed that you have not added the link to Angie’s FF#24 post to the body of your post – would you please edit your post to include it so that we can consider your post for a feature next week? Thank you for sharing this lovely recipe and Happy Fiesta Friday!

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