Raspberry Eclairs – Week 24

This week’s baking challenge was definitely a first for me.  I had never made an eclair or choux pastry before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect as far as how things should look throughout the baking process.  Although this recipe took a little more time than I expected, I think everything turned out alright in the end! The eclair filling had great flavor and the pastry had a nice texture, but I have a few ideas on possible improvements for next time –

  1. thicken the filling a little more
  2. make the eclairs more plump when piping the dough

If you have experience with eclairs, let me know if you have any feedback on these.  As I mentioned, I’m not really sure how they should turn out!  I guess I need to go to some French bakeries! 🙂 Overall though, these raspberry eclairs ended up being very light and tasty! Raspberry Eclairs | thelittlebluemixerRaspberry Eclairs | thelittlebluemixerThe filling needed to chill for about four hours before it would be ready, so I started on it first.  I washed and measured out a cup of fresh raspberries and them pureed them in the blender.  Next, I strained the raspberries to remove the seeds.  There were so many seeds! Raspberry Eclairs | thelittlebluemixer Once the raspberries were pureed and strained I started cooking the filling.  I combined the raspberry puree, sugar, and cornstarch and heated it over medium heat.  Then, I slowly added in both whipping creme and milk and cooked until it was thick and bubbly. Raspberry Eclairs | thelittlebluemixer Once the mixture was thickened, I removed it from the heat and slowly added half of it to some lightly beaten egg yolks.  When they were incorporated, I added the egg and raspberry mixture back to the pot and brought it to a boil.  After cooking for a few minutes more, I added in vanilla, raspberry extract, and a few drop of food coloring to liven up the color.

To cool the filling, I poured it into a bowl that I set in another bowl of ice water.  I let it sit in the ice bath for about five minutes and then put the filling in the fridge until it was completely cold. Raspberry Eclairs | thelittlebluemixer Now for the choux pastry!  To make the dough, I combined water, butter, and salt and brought it to a boil.  Once boiling, I added in a cup of flour and stirred until combined.  After removing the mixture from the heat, I added in eggs one at a time and mixed until smooth. Raspberry Eclairs | thelittlebluemixerI piped the dough out into four inch strips that were about an inch wide and popped them in the oven to bake for about 30 minutes.  After the eclairs cooled completely, I cut them in half. Raspberry Eclairs | thelittlebluemixer To finish things up, I piped the filling into the middle of the eclairs. Raspberry Eclairs | thelittlebluemixerRaspberry Eclairs | thelittlebluemixerRaspberry Eclairs | thelittlebluemixerThen, I just put the tops back on and added a little white chocolate drizzle.  Ta-da!Raspberry Eclairs | thelittlebluemixerLike I mentioned earlier, my filling may have been a little runny.  Other than that, I think they turned out ok!

Raspberry Eclairs | thelittlebluemixerRaspberry Eclairs | thelittlebluemixerThey are a little messy to eat, but these eclairs sure do taste good!  I will have to look up some more flavors to try out next time!Raspberry Eclairs | thelittlebluemixer Thanks for stopping by today, and I hope y’all have a fabulous weekend!

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21 thoughts on “Raspberry Eclairs – Week 24

  1. Astounding! Absolutely gorgeous creation here, and I’m sure it’s also delicious. I love the shot of the swirled mixture in the food processor, what color!!!!!! Thank you for bringing these really special eclairs to the party this week, very unusual and very appreciated!

    • Thank you so much, Sue!! It was a very vibrant color! Adding the milk and eggs calmed it down a lot, but I didn’t have to add much coloring at all to get the final pink color. And it was my pleasure to bring these to the party! 😃

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    • Thank you! It was my pleasure to share! This was a first for me too. They were very different from what I am used to baking, but I think it was good to step out of my comfort zone!

    • Thanks Michelle! That’s great to hear from someone who had worked with it before! After working with choux pastry this one time, I can definitely see how easy it is to mess up. Ha, It was a fast process!

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