Chocolate Cake – Week 28

Wow.  It has been a whirlwind of a week!  We celebrated Thanksgiving early last weekend with Brian’s family and had such a great time.  It was one of those vacations that you just don’t want to end.  (Then again, what vacation do you want to end?)  It was wonderful to see everyone and take some time to relax.  We also got to eat lots of delicious food.  I’m already looking forward to doing Thanksgiving all over again next week. 😀

While everyone was home, we decided it would be a great time to celebrate my nephew’s first birthday.  He is just the cutest little kid you have ever met.  And what could any one year old want more than chocolate cake?  Well, to be honest, I think he was a little more interested in things besides cake, but that’s ok.  He was super cute and all of the grownups loved it. 🙂 This was such a tasty cake.

I could really go for another slice right now if we hadn’t devoured it so fast! Since I wasn’t at home while making this cake, I raided my sweet mother-in-law’s pantry to find most of the ingredients.  That’s what I love about a good but simple recipe – you can find almost everything you need if you have some basic baking items around. Chocolate Cake | thelittlebluemixer To get started, I combined flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, and salt.

Next I beat the butter until it was creamed.  The thing about baking in the winter.. your butter has to sit out about twice as long as normal to soften.  Woohoo for cold weather!Chocolate Cake | thelittlebluemixer I slowly beat the sugar into the butter and then mixed in the eggs one at a time.  To finish up this step of the batter, I poured in a little vanilla. Chocolate Cake | thelittlebluemixerNow it’s time to make this cake chocolate!  I alternatively stirred in the cocoa/flour mixture and milk until everything was combined.Chocolate Cake | thelittlebluemixer Now we can pour the batter in the pans and bake!  Since I know you are wondering, I’ll go ahead and let you know that batter was very tasty. 🙂 Chocolate Cake | thelittlebluemixerI toyed with the idea of torting the layers, but I ended up deciding to keep them as they were.  I think it was a good call and there ended up being a nice ratio of cake to icing.

Speaking of icing, I used a chocolate cream cheese icing on this cake.  It was delicious, but I did run into a few little issues with the amount that I made… Chocolate Cake | thelittlebluemixerI decided that since my nephew probably wouldn’t care, I would decorate the cake a way I would like.  That meant rosettes!  I have decorated cupcakes with rosettes before, but I had never done a whole cake with them. Chocolate Cake | thelittlebluemixer I’m not sure if the icing recipe I made was a little smaller than normal or if I was just using a lot more on the rosettes.  Probably option number 2. 🙂 I ended up making a second batch of icing to finish the cake, but it was totally worth it. Chocolate Cake | thelittlebluemixerChocolate Cake | thelittlebluemixer I think I will start decorating all of my cakes like this!  Ok, maybe not.. but I do really like it!Chocolate Cake | thelittlebluemixer Since we were celebrating Sanford’s birthday, I made him a cupcake to have all to himself! Chocolate Cake | thelittlebluemixer I think he enjoyed it. 🙂 I will definitely be bringing this chocolate cake back.  It was just too good! Chocolate Cake | thelittlebluemixerThis was such a great weekend!  Thanksgiving, delicious food, chocolate cake, birthdays, and most importantly – family.

Thank you all for coming by today!  Hope you all have a great day and a fantastic weekend.  Happy Fiesta Friday!


35 thoughts on “Chocolate Cake – Week 28

  1. Anna–you have done it again, a glorious dessert and a beauty too. I showed the pictures to Chuck and he agreed even though he is not a sweets person.

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  3. Two Thanksgivings?! Lucky! And what a beautiful cake for your nephew! Lucky boy! Wow that makes two chocolate cakes for nephews this at this weeks Fiesta Friday! What are the odds??

  4. This cake is GORGEOUS!!! You’re so talented, this is nuts! I’d never have the ability, patience or skill to do this, period. HA! I’ll just stare at your cake instead 🙂

  5. Knock! Knock! Hey, Anna. I am at your door to eat a slice (or two) of this beautiful and delicious cake. I hope your nephew wont mind me taking a share. 😀

    How can you make such perfect round cake, Anna? I don’t know the trick. So please tell me. 🙂

    I hope you had a great weekend. ❤

    • Hi, Jhuls! Go right ahead 😀 Enjoy!

      I have learned that it has a lot to do with the pan! Make sure your pan has straight edges. A lot of pans have slightly angled edges so they will stack together easily, but your cake won’t be quite as straight! As far as getting the cake to cook level – I’m still working on that one and my oven doesn’t always agree with me. I keep a long knife handy to trim off any domes on the top of the cake. Hope this is somewhat helpful! 😀

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