Apple Pie Bread – Week 33

Merry Christmas!!  I hope that you all had a wonderful and merry Christmas and were able to spend it with the ones you love.  We had a fun filled day yesterday with family, food, and presents a plenty. As I am … Continue reading

Molasses Cutouts – Week 32

Christmas is coming!  It’s so very close, and I just can’t wait for it to be here!  Well, I would like a little more time to finish up everything that has to be done before Christmas.  I don’t know how … Continue reading

Pecan Tassies – Week 31

Do you like pecan pie?  Yep!  How about mini bite-sized versions of delicious desserts?  Um, of course!  Well, these pecan tassies will be just perfect for you! A few months ago, my grandmother made some pecan tassies and I haven’t … Continue reading