Triple-Chocolate Cookies – Week 30

If you have been by the blog before, you have probably noted that I love chocolate.  A lot.  You may have also gathered that I am a fan of cookies.  Well, these cookies are absolutely perfect for a chocolate lover like me.  They are filled to the brim and overflowing with chocolate.  Really, there is no hiding from it at all.  Full throttle ahead.  Bring on the chocolate.

These tasty cookies almost remind me of brownies or fudge.  There is a nice crusty edge, but as soon as you bite down you slam into fudgy deliciousness.  Mmm.  Just thinking about these makes me want to whip up another batch right now! Triple Chocolate Cookies | thelittlebluemixer The first order of business for these cookies was getting the chocolate ready.  I melted down the bittersweet and unsweetened chocolate in a saucepan with butter. Triple Chocolate Cookies | thelittlebluemixer Once it was melted, I let is cool for about 10 minutes while I worked on some of the other ingredients.  I combined my dry ingredients, minus the sugar, and set them aside for later. Triple Chocolate Cookies | thelittlebluemixer Then I mixed together the eggs, granulated sugar, and brown sugar.Triple Chocolate Cookies | thelittlebluemixer After beating the mixture for a few minutes, it turned to a nice light color. Triple Chocolate Cookies | thelittlebluemixer Now, for the fun part, I beat in my melted chocolate followed by the flour mixture.  Just imagine how tasty these are going to be. 🙂 Triple Chocolate Cookies | thelittlebluemixerFor the final touch on the batter, I added in a few toasted pecans.  I let the batter stand for about 20 minutes so it would thicken and then got to work putting my cookies in the oven.

Just look at that tasty cookie!Triple Chocolate Cookies | thelittlebluemixerTriple Chocolate Cookies | thelittlebluemixer Triple Chocolate Cookies | thelittlebluemixer

I was a little surprised when I read this recipe for triple chocolate cookies and saw that all of the chocolate was melted.  Bittersweet and unsweetened chocolate were in the cookies; semi-sweet chocolate was drizzled on top of the cookies.  I usually prefer cookies that have chunks in them; but, after tasting these I was more than willing to make an exception!  They were just so delicious and rich in chocolate.

Triple Chocolate Cookies | thelittlebluemixer Triple Chocolate Cookies | thelittlebluemixer

I just love a beautiful chocolate drizzle. 🙂Triple Chocolate Cookies | thelittlebluemixerTriple Chocolate Cookies | thelittlebluemixerI definitely recommend adding these to your list of Christmas cookies this year!

Triple Chocolate Cookies | thelittlebluemixer

I hope you all have a fantastic December weekend!  Thanks so much for coming by and Happy Fiesta Friday!


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