Pecan Tassies – Week 31

Do you like pecan pie?  Yep!  How about mini bite-sized versions of delicious desserts?  Um, of course!  Well, these pecan tassies will be just perfect for you!

A few months ago, my grandmother made some pecan tassies and I haven’t really stopped thinking about them since.  They were just so delicious.  Growing up, we would randomly have pecan tassies around the holidays; but, for some reason I never paid that much attention to them.  I guess I was just always distracted by all of the other desserts.  Well, they sure caught my attention this time around.  These were deliciously perfect bite sized pecan pies.  I mean, what more could you ask for?  Except for maybe adding some chocolate in the mix… maybe I’ll try that next time around.

As I was trying to choose a dessert the other day, I came across pecan pie and instantly thought of my grandmother’s pecan tassies.  Decision made!  These tasty pies have the perfect ratio of crust and filling.  Another added bonus – because they are so cute and tiny, you can help yourself to more than one. 🙂 Pecan Tassies | thelittlebluemixer First up on the to-do list was making the crust.  For a normal pecan pie, I would just make enough dough to line the bottom of the pie pan.  For pecan tassies, though, you need twice as much dough to fill all of your little cups.Pecan Tassies | thelittlebluemixer After cutting together the flour, butter, and shortening and adding a little ice water, I rolled out the dough on the counter.  Now I needed to find the perfect size cookie cutter so the crust would fit in my mini muffin pans.  After looking around for a while with no luck, I abandoned my stash of cookie cutters and started looking at some empty jars I had in the cabinet.  With a little luck, I found the perfect one!

Pecan Tassies | thelittlebluemixerOnce I finished cutting out circles of dough to line my pans, I started making the filling.Pecan Tassies | thelittlebluemixerOf course, the most important part of the filling is the pecans!  The rest of the filling is made of corn syrup, sugar, eggs, vanilla, and butter. Pecan Tassies | thelittlebluemixer

Once everything was mixed together, I added one tablespoon of filling to each of my muffin cups.  Now it’s finally time to pop these in the oven!

Pecan Tassies | thelittlebluemixer Pecan Tassies | thelittlebluemixerAnd here they are.  Just gorgeous and oh-so-tasty. 🙂

Pecan Tassies | thelittlebluemixerI love baking pies!  With just two of us around, though, there isn’t much hope of finishing a whole pie, and I just hate seeing something so delicious to go to waste.  This is a recent predicament that I have run into, and you can tell me if it sounds crazy, but I don’t feel like a pie is a dessert that you can share very easily.  I’ll try and explain my thoughts…

Pecan Tassies | thelittlebluemixer Pecan Tassies | thelittlebluemixerBaking a pie for your family, a dinner party, or a holiday gathering is something that is totally normal.  That happens all the time and is fantastic.  But, baking a pie and bringing it work the next day to share with your co-workers – I just feel a little bit awkward doing that.  I don’t know what it is; maybe it’s just me.  Maybe it’s because no matter how delicious a pie is, it doesn’t always stay beautiful after you cut into it.  I feel like a pie is a dessert that normally disappears in one sitting.  I don’t want to feel like I am bringing in my leftovers for people to take care of, you know?  Well, if I’m not alone in this plight of wanting to have your pie and share it too, these mini pies, or tassies, are the perfect way to share that delicious pie you were craving with everyone!

Pecan Tassies | thelittlebluemixer Pecan Tassies | thelittlebluemixer

These pecan tassies were so much fun to make.  This was a first for me and I already want to see what other pies I can shrink down to bite sized pieces of happiness. 🙂

Thank you all so much for coming by today!  Be sure to swing by Fiesta Friday later too!


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