Almond Pastry Fingers – Week 37

This week’s baking was a little different for me.  Almond Pastry Fingers.  The name just sounds a little unique, right?  Well, they were unique, but they were also a big hit!

The recipe was super easy and didn’t take long at all to put together.  It’s basically a combination of almonds, white chocolate, and nut flavored dessert filling all wrapped up in puff pastry.  Oh, and generously sprinkled with powdered sugar. 🙂  To be honest, though, I was a little nervous about how it was going to come out in the end.  I had never used this dessert filling before, and I just wasn’t sure what to expect.  Well, all of my questioning was for naught.  Brian brought these little treats to work and this was one of the biggest hits in quite a while.  Who knew!  Hooray for new and tasty treats! Almond Pastry Fingers | thelittlebluemixer To start off, I rolled out the puff pastry and cut it lengthwise down the middle so I would have two pastries.  Then I pricked each one all over with a fork. Almond Pastry Fingers | thelittlebluemixer I opened up the nut dessert filling and spread equal amounts over each pastry and then evenly covered it with white chocolate morsels.  I made sure to leave about a 1/2 inch around the edges so I could seal the pastry later once it was folded over. Almond Pastry Fingers | thelittlebluemixer To finish the filling for the pastry, I added a layer of almond slivers.  See how easy that was?  Nothing to it. Almond Pastry Fingers | thelittlebluemixer Finally, I slightly wet the bare edges so they would stick together and folded the pastry in half.  I then used a fork to crimp the edges together.  All done!  This was a very lumpy pastry. 😀 Almond Pastry Fingers | thelittlebluemixer And here are the lovely pastries.  (They looked a little goofy without the powdered sugar.)Almond Pastry Fingers | thelittlebluemixer Hello there, powdered sugar.  You are beautiful. Almond Pastry Fingers | thelittlebluemixer Almond Pastry Fingers | thelittlebluemixer Flaky goodness. Almond Pastry Fingers | thelittlebluemixer Almond Pastry Fingers | thelittlebluemixer These had a very unique flavor.  To be completely honest, I was surprised that they were such a big hit.  I mean, I thought they were tasty, but I didn’t think the response would be as great as it was.  I was very pleasantly surprised.  I’ll have to keep trying out new things! Almond Pastry Fingers | thelittlebluemixer Almond Pastry Fingers | thelittlebluemixer The almond and white chocolate were great compliments, and the puff pastry served as a great tie in for all of the flavors.  These would be perfect for you to try out if you are looking for something easy but a little bit out of the box.Almond Pastry Fingers | thelittlebluemixer Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today!  I hope you enjoyed these tasty Almond Pastry Fingers. 🙂

There is a really big party going on both this week and next over at Fiesta Friday to celebrate the one year anniversary!  You should definitely be sure to stop by.  I’m bringing these to the party and deeming them as appetizers for the sake of the theme.  Hey, there’s nothing wrong with a sweet appetizer! 😉

Y’all have a great weekend!


19 thoughts on “Almond Pastry Fingers – Week 37

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  2. Well, now I know why there was such a long line-up to get to your plate!! How divine, and you make it look so easy! I think we will all be rushing out to the store today to buy puff pastry to try this! Thanks for helping us celebrate FF’s first anniversary with your gorgeous pastries! 😀

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