Peach Pie Pops – Week 40

Peach Pie by itself is pretty special.  But, when you make it mini and attach it to a lollipop stick, well, you can’t get much more fun than that. 🙂

I have been flipping by this recipe in my cookbook for a while now, and each time I flipped by I just couldn’t wait for a chance to try it out.  I finally carved out the time for these tasty treats and the verdict is… they are so much fun!  The filling was delicious and I’m already brainstorming more flavors to try out in these little hand held pies.  For an improvement, I’m thinking about rolling the dough out a little thinner than normal since they have such a big ratio of crust to filling.  Overall, I really enjoyed these sweet pie pops!  Both tasty and fun – that’s my kind of dessert.

Peach Pie Pops | thelittlebluemixer

For the crust, I made a double recipe of what I would normally use for a pie.  I stirred together the flour and salt and then cut in both the butter and shortening.  Adding about a tablespoon of ice water at a time, I gently folded the flour mixture together until everything was moistened.  Peach Pie Pops | thelittlebluemixer

After kneading the dough together a few times, I divided it in half and started working on rolling it out.  This is where I would make my only change to this recipe.  The dough is delicious and flaky, but after putting together the top and bottom for the pie pop, you end up with a little more dough than filling.  Next go round I may try rolling the dough even thinner and just see what happens.  The worst thing that could happen is I have a few extra pie pops to eat… 😉

After rolling out the dough, I cut out little circles with my handy dandy glass jar.

Peach Pie Pops | thelittlebluemixer

Now we are getting to the filling.  Yum!  The filling started out with a can of peach pie filling.  I’m sure you could go the fresh peaches route here, but they are out of season right now and this was quite delicious.  I cut up the peached into bite size chunks and then added in a few seasonings – cinnamon + crystallized ginger.

Have you ever heard of crystallized ginger?  This was my first time using it, but it did add a nice flavor to the mix.

Peach Pie Pops | thelittlebluemixer Peach Pie Pops | thelittlebluemixer

Now for the assembly!  I put about a teaspoon of filling on top of each circle and then brushed the edges with a little milk.  Next, I lay the lollipop stick about halfway across the circle and placed another circle of dough on top.  After crimping the edges together with a fork, I brushed the tops with milk and sprinkled with sugar.

Peach Pie Pops | thelittlebluemixer

Lets bake!

Peach Pie Pops | thelittlebluemixer

Hello, Pie Pops 🙂

Peach Pie Pops | thelittlebluemixer

Peach Pie Pops | thelittlebluemixer

How about we see what’s inside of these lovely little pies?

Peach Pie Pops | thelittlebluemixerPeach Pie Pops | thelittlebluemixer

Peach Pie Pops | thelittlebluemixer

Although this isn’t a love filled post full of chocolate and red velvet… I didn’t forget about the fact that tomorrow is Valentine’s day! ❤

Peach Pie Pops | thelittlebluemixer Peach Pie Pops | thelittlebluemixer

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!  I hope y’all have a fantastic weekend, and thank you so much for stopping by!

Be sure to check out the party going on over at Fiesta Friday!  I want to send a big thank you out to the ladies who host this fun party each week!  It’s so neat to see what everyone is cooking up, and y’all sure do know how to make a girl feel special.  Thank you for the feature on last weeks King Cake!!


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