Strawberry Chocolate Scones

To all of my fellow bloggers out there – have you ever had a week where you just didn’t know what to do?  Not sure what food to make… what blog to write… just couldn’t find that inspiration?  Well, that … Continue reading

Summer Special Week 7 – Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Cookies and Ice Cream in the same bowl, yeah its going to be good! Last week I shared with you a vanilla ice cream base that I added Oreo’s too. Well before I added the cookie pieces into the base, I … Continue reading

Summer Special Week 6 – Cookies & Cream Ice Cream

One of my all time favorites, especially if we are talking Chick-fil-a milkshakes… Using a new recipe this week and I think it complements this flavor really well. It is a great base vanilla that you can add many toppings … Continue reading

Summer Special Week 5 – Nutella Ice Cream

Everybody come running this is a good one… In this weeks experiment with ice cream making, we have Nutella Ice Cream. The results are super tasty and I recommend you make this one. This time around we have moved away from … Continue reading