Salted Almond Praline Tart – Week 44

Let me just tell you, this tart is good.  I was trying to come up with all of these great big adjectives to describe just how smooth and creamy and rich and flavorful it truly is, but I kept coming back to … Continue reading

Make-It-Mine Whoopie Pies – Week 26

This week I made whoopie pies!  This make-it-mine recipe gave me several different options for flavors and toppings for my treats, and I decided to go with chocolate pies and a cream cheese buttercream filling.  This was a really fun dessert to make, … Continue reading

Sweet Glazed Cherry Pie – Week 19

Cherry pie is such a classic dessert.  Classy like June Cleaver in her high heels and pearls pulling a pie out of the oven before the family comes home for the day.  (Anyone else ever watch Leave it to Beaver? 😀 ) … Continue reading