Double Chocolate French Silk Pie – Week 50

French Silk Pie has always been one of my favorite desserts.  Mom would always make one for either Thanksgiving or Christmas and it was always (and still is) my go-to dessert.  I’m so serious.  If there is a french silk … Continue reading

Salted Almond Praline Tart – Week 44

Let me just tell you, this tart is good.  I was trying to come up with all of these great big adjectives to describe just how smooth and creamy and rich and flavorful it truly is, but I kept coming back to … Continue reading

Pecan Tassies – Week 31

Do you like pecan pie?  Yep!  How about mini bite-sized versions of delicious desserts?  Um, of course!  Well, these pecan tassies will be just perfect for you! A few months ago, my grandmother made some pecan tassies and I haven’t … Continue reading


I am just over halfway through my self-imposed Baking Challenge!  And let me tell you, this has been such a great experience.  Baking, blogging, making new friends, sharing my creations – it has been so much fun! When I first came … Continue reading

Sweet Glazed Cherry Pie – Week 19

Cherry pie is such a classic dessert.  Classy like June Cleaver in her high heels and pearls pulling a pie out of the oven before the family comes home for the day.  (Anyone else ever watch Leave it to Beaver? 😀 ) … Continue reading