Summer Special Week 7 – Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Cookies and Ice Cream in the same bowl, yeah its going to be good! Last week I shared with you a vanilla ice cream base that I added Oreo’s too. Well before I added the cookie pieces into the base, I … Continue reading

Summer Special Week 6 – Cookies & Cream Ice Cream

One of my all time favorites, especially if we are talking Chick-fil-a milkshakes… Using a new recipe this week and I think it complements this flavor really well. It is a great base vanilla that you can add many toppings … Continue reading

Summer Special Week 5 – Nutella Ice Cream

Everybody come running this is a good one… In this weeks experiment with ice cream making, we have Nutella Ice Cream. The results are super tasty and I recommend you make this one. This time around we have moved away from … Continue reading

Summer Special Week 4 – Salted Caramel Ice Cream

This week of the summer special we get fancy with Salted Caramel. Let’s just jump right in shall we. Check out the ingredients, no caramel is being added in, we are going to make it ourselves. To start off, bring … Continue reading

Summer Special Week 3 – Pistachio Ice Cream

And we’re back… Up this week we have Pistachio Before we get into this week’s post I wanted to touch on a question Jenna left on the Milky Way Ice Cream post. She asked about an alternate way of making the ice … Continue reading

Summer Special

Hi Everyone,

This is an announcement so you will get excited for some upcoming posts.  In addition to the normal Friday posts, The Little Blue Mixer will be running a summer special!  Starting on Wednesday, July 1 we will be running an eight part summer series.  Now there are several reasons you should get excited about these Wednesday posts…

  1. They will all be about homemade ICE CREAM!!  The only reason you need, right?
  2. They will be written by a guest poster…. Yep, the hubs is going to be writing these for you all.
  3. They are guaranteed to help you fight the summer blues (if you suffer from such things).

I am excited for this tasty journey, and I hope you are as well.  We’ll see you on Wednesday in 2 weeks!